The Aims of this Policy

The purpose of this policy and its associated procedures is to contribute towards the safeguarding of all children and staff both during and outside of school hours when they are on our site. The ultimate aim is to ensure that all children and staff learn and work in an environment where they are safe and free from harm.

The Objectives of this Policy

The key objectives of this policy is to have in place a clear protocol and procedure for the admittance of external visitors to the school which is understood by all staff, governors, visitors and parents/carers and conforms to child protection guidelines and prevents unsuitable people from working with or accessing children and young persons in the school setting.

We have responsibility for the safety and well-being of all of our children anywhere on the school site, during normal school hours, during after school activities and on school organised (and supervised) off-site activities. This policy applies to:

  • All teaching and non-teaching staff employed by the school
  • All external visitors entering the school site during the school day or for after school activities (including peripatetic tutors, sports coaches etc)
  • Governors
  • Parents/carers
  • Volunteers
  • Children
  • Local Authority staff
  • Building & Maintenance Contractors

Protocol and Procedures

Visitors Invited to the School

Before a visitor is invited to the school, both the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are informed, with a clear explanation as to the relevance, purpose date and time of the visit . Permission must be granted by the Headteacher before a visitor is asked to come into school.

  • Formal visitors representing the LA, businesses, contractors, outside agencies etc are required to present formal identification
  • All visitors enter the school building through the main door and report to Administration staff
  • All visitors must state the purpose of their visit and who has invited them or who they wish to see. They should be ready to produce formal identification
  • All visitors are required to sign the Visitors Record Book which is kept in reception at all times
  • All visitors are required to wear an identification badge
  • All visitors are given/shown a copy of the Visitor Information Leaflet detailing information about emergency evacuations procedures and protocol
  • Visitors are escorted to their point of contact OR their point of contact will be asked to come to reception to receive the visitor. The contact will then be responsible for them while they are on site.

On departing, visitors leave via reception and:

  • Enter their departure time in the Visitors Record Book alongside their arrival entry
  • Return the identification badge to reception

Unknown/Uninvited Visitors to the School

Any visitor to the school site who is not wearing an identity badge is challenged politely to enquire who they are and their business on the school site. They should then be escorted to reception to sign the visitors’ book and be issued with an identity badge. The above procedures then apply.

In the event that the visitor refuses to comply, they are asked to leave the site immediately and an ER call is made if necessary. The Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher (or Senior Leader if neither is available) will consider the situation and decide if it is necessary to inform the police.

If an unknown/uninvited visitor becomes abusive or aggressive, an ER call is made and they will be asked to leave the site immediately and warned that if they fail to leave the school grounds, police assistance will be called for.

Governors and Volunteers

All governors and volunteers are required to have an enhanced DBS.

New governors are made aware of this policy and are expected to become familiar with its procedures as part of their induction. This is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors or Training Liaison Governor.

New volunteers will be asked to comply with this policy by staff they first report to when coming into school for an activity or class supporting role.


As part of their induction, new staff are made conversant with this policy for visitors and asked to ensure compliance with its procedures at all times.

Linked Policies

This policy should be read in conjunction with other related school policies: including:

  • Child Protection
  • Safeguarding
  • Confidentiality
  • Healthy and Safety
  • Fire Safety

Monitoring and Evaluation

The suitability of all visitors invited into school to work with our children is assessed at the end of their visit and a decision made as to whether they may be asked to visit the school in future.