Policy for payment to trustees/governors

The basic principle on which the academy works is that governors are appointed on an unpaid basis as willing local volunteers wanting to support the work of Woodside Primary School. Any payment to governors would have to be taken from finance specifically provided for the education of children at the school.

This informs the following policy:

  1. There are no circumstances under which governors will be paid any salary or remuneration for their role as members of the governing body.
  2. As a general rule, no incidental expenses for travelling to and from the school on governing body business will be paid.
  3. Under certain circumstances, expenses may be paid on the same basis as expenses paid to members of the school staff if governors travel further afield on courses. Application in this case should be made directly to the headteacher who may approve payment if he believes payment is justified. This only applies if a governor would otherwise be unable to attend a relevant course.
  4. Any payment of expenses to any governor must be approved in advance by the headteacher and reported subsequently to the finance committee.
  5. Any payments made to governors must be disclosed in the accounts for the relevant financial year.