We offer equal opportunity to all children and staff with regard to age, ability, gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, culture or social class. All children and staff are respected as individuals and we strive to ensure that all achieve their full potential. We aim to ensure that our expectations, attitudes, and practices do not prevent any child or adult from reaching this potential.

Every member of our school community is regarded as being of equal worth.  We recognise and values differences and tries to meet the needs of individuals in order that everyone has access to the educational opportunities offered by the school.  Our school believes that every member of our school community including staff, governors, pupils, parents, the community and our visitors have an important role to play in ensuring that we actively promote equality and strive to eliminate discrimination.


This policy embeds the requirements of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, the Disability Discrimination Act (2005) and the Equality Act (2006). We:


  • promote racial      and sexual equality
  • promote good      relations between all races and cultures
  • eliminate      unlawful racial and sexual discrimination
  • protect      against discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief and sexual      orientation.

Our school provides equality of opportunity to all groups/individuals:

  • Male and female
  • Minority ethnic and faith      groups
  • Those whose first language is      not English
  • Those with special educational and      other additional needs
  • Those with disabilities
  • Those with gifts and talents

This policy represents all ethnic and national groups including travellers, asylum seekers and refugees.


It emphasises the importance of combating all forms of discrimination and working towards racial and sexual equality and outlines the approach we take to promote cultural diversity and to challenge racist and sexist attitudes.


Our school is a mainly monocultural with an increasing number of children who have EAL and we recognise the importance of ensuring our pupils have an education that reflects the diversity of cultures throughout society.


We aim:

  • to provide equal      access and participation in all aspects of school life.
  • to recognise      and value the diversity of cultures, languages, religions, opinions and      beliefs in society.
  • to act positively      to enable all members of our community to fulfil their potential.
  • to combat all      forms of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination through our attitudes,      behaviour, open questioning and discussion.


Policy, Leadership and Management

It is the duty of adults in our school to actively promote equality, throughout the curriculum and all aspects of school life.


The school will not tolerate racial, sexual or gender discrimination, abuse or harassment. Our Headteacher monitors behaviour and reports any incidents of abuse or harassment to the Governors.  The school regularly reviews the impact of this policy and procedures.






Curriculum, teaching and assessment


  • promote fairness and justice      for all.
  • ensure      that all children are treated with respect
  • do      not discriminate against any child
  • ensure      that all pupils have equal access to the full range of educational      opportunities provided by the school
  • strive      to remove any forms of discrimination, either direct or indirect that may      form barriers to learning or to the development of any child or group of      children.
  • challenge      stereotyping and prejudice.
  • celebrate      the increasing cultural diversity of our school community.

Staff ensure that children

  • feel      secure and know that they are valued
  • appreciate      and value the differences in others
  • are      encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life


Staff promote understanding of, and empathy with, different races, cultures, abilities, disabilities etc throughout the curriculum and the suitability of resources is monitored.


Displays around our school reflect positive images from many cultures, backgrounds and abilities.


Personal development, attainment and progress of all pupils

The social, emotional and intellectual progress of all children is tracked and monitored to ensure individual improvement and that no group is falling behind or failing to make expected progress.


Parents, Carers, Governors and Community Partnership

We strive to give all parents/carers an ownership of our school and their child’s learning. We expect all parents/carers to attend consultation meetings and have structures in place to maximise attendance. We endeavour to word all verbal and written communications in plain English and use translators if required and/or appropriate.


Our Governors are mindful of their legal and moral responsibilities in relation to equality/equal opportunities for all children and staff.


We strive to forge positive, meaningful links with our immediate and wider communities.


Admission and attendance

All admission applications are treated equally.  Prospective pupils/families are not discriminated against on grounds of language, culture, sex, gender, race, ability or background.



We are committed to ensuring that our recruitment procedures are fair and do not discriminate in relation to age, ability, gender, sex, race, culture or social class.  Governors monitor recruitment and selection. They monitor continuing professional development to ensure that all staff have opportunities for development.

We are committed to ensuring that any promotions or other opportunities that arise in school are fairly advertised and that all relevantly trained/experienced staff have an equal opportunity to apply and that they will not be discriminated against in relation to age, ability, gender, sex, race, culture or social class.





Roles and responsibilities

Our Governing Body is responsible for:

  • ensuring that      this Equality Polity is implemented and permeates all aspects of school      activity
  • making sure      that our school complies with the Race Relations Act Amendment 1976, the      Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, the Disability Discrimination Act 2005      and the Equality Act 2006.
  • making sure      that our Race Equality Policy and its procedures are followed.


Our Headteacher is responsible for:

  • making sure      that this policy is readily available and that the Governors, staff,      pupils and their parents and carers know about it.
  • making sure      that this policy and its procedures are followed by our school community.
  • producing      regular information for staff and Governors about this policy, how it is      working and providing training where necessary.
  • making sure      all staff know their responsibilities and, if necessary, receive training      and support carrying out these tasks.
  • taking      appropriate action in cases of sexual, gender and racial harassment and/or      discrimination.


All staff are responsible for:

  • promoting      equal opportunities and good race relations.
  • recognising      and tackling bias and stereotyping and dealing with racist incidents.
  • avoiding discrimination      against anyone for reasons of age, ability,      gender, sex, race, culture or social class
  • keeping up to      date with the law on discrimination and taking up training and learning      opportunities.