• The Education Act 1996 requires governors to:

    “… determine and keep under review a policy with respect to the provision of, and the classes or descriptions of cases in which they propose to make charges for, any optional extra or board and lodging in respect of which charges are permitted by Section 455…”


    Our governors have noted that the Education Act 1996 allows charges to be made in the following:

    Optional   Extras Activities   not related to the National Curriculum or to prescribed public examinations   or to fulfil duties relating to religious education taking place out of   school time.
    Individual   Instrumental Tuition Individual   instrumental tuition not related to the National Curriculum or to prescribed   public examinations.
    Materials used in Craft Subjects Subject to the parents having agreed in advance that they wish to own the finished   product.
    Board   and Lodging Charges At   any time (in school time or otherwise) subject to full remission to those parents in receipt of

    • Income Support
    • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
    • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not receiving Working Tax Credit and do not have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
    Examination   Entry Fees Public   examinations not prescribed in regulations.  Prescribed public examinations where the pupil has not been prepared by the school.  Resits or prescribed public examinations where no further preparation has been provided by the school.


    Our governors note that the Education Act 1996 does not debar voluntary contributions from being made by parents/carers.


    Our governors strive to ensure that the level of visits and activities established at the school continue but emphasise to parents that this can only happen with their full support and that activities will either be substantially reduced or cease altogether if parents are not prepared to contribute voluntarily.

    Our governors note that the Education Act 1996 prescribes:

    • that no charges may be levied for school activities taking place or deemed to take place in school time
    • that voluntary contributions must be genuinely voluntary
    • that there is no obligation on parents to contribute
    • that pupils will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contributions


    We recognise that in general, participation in all trips and visits is voluntary and notwithstanding the charging requirement parents/carers, have the right, for whatever other reasons, to choose that their children not participate unless the visit is an essential part of the child’s entitlement re- the National Curriculum. In these cases, the full cost of the trip will be met by the school, less any voluntary contribution parents/carers may be prepared to make.


    At Woodside School:


    • The governors reserve the right to make charges where the law allows and as set out above.


    • Parents/carers are asked to make voluntary contributions to cover the cost of educational visits and broader educational experiences. A parent/carer’s failure to offer a voluntary contribution does not debar that child from taking part.


    • The full cost of individual instrumental tuition is fully met by parents/carers. An exception is if a child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding and can have costs fully met by the school.


    • From time to time it may be possible for the costs of trips and activities to be subsidised either wholly or in part from private school funds.  Parents will be informed when these occasions arise.


    • Should our governors choose to hold “in school time” residential visits at some other venue, remission of board and lodging costs will be provided by the school to those who are eligible for free school meals.


    • Parents will be asked to meet, or contribute towards, the costs of damage to, or loss of, school property arising from an individual pupils’ behaviour.



    This policy statement will be reviewed annually. The next review will take place in September 2016.