Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing

Our Community Support Services can offer a range of Housing related support through 1to1’s/Group work and ‘drop-in’s’. We also work closely with other agencies/organisations to ensure positive outcomes for the people and families we work with.
If you would like support from us, or you can think of anybody that might, please contact Micheala Britner on 07582 003486 or visit our website for more information –


Housing Options (Shropshire Council)

Homelessness – broadly speaking you are homeless if you do not have a home. If you do not have any rights to stay where you are living, having a roof over your head will not stop you from being homeless.

Living with friends, living in accommodation that is temporary or that is overcrowded, sleeping on the streets, living in accommodation that is making you ill or living in a place where you are at risk of violence are all situations which could make you homeless.

If you are currently in any of the above situations your local Council may have a legal responsibility to help you.  The key to preventing the loss of your home is to get advice and guidance as soon as you possibly can. Throughout Shropshire there are a range of agencies and services that are there for this very reason. An advisor might be able to help you stay in your home or help you find new accommodation quickly.

Please contact us: on     0345 678 9005 or e-mail

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