Woodside Primary School became an academy on 1st May 2013. In the English Education System, an academy can be a primary or a secondary school which is directly funded by the Department for Education, although funding for special needs still comes from the local authority. The school has its own bank account and may also receive additional support from individuals and companies. Academies are self-governing and are constituted as registered charities. Admissions to the school are also still managed by the local authority but the school has its own admissions policy which can be found on this website. Access to Woodside is still open to all children, although subject to the space available. We need to meet the same rigorous standards as other schools and we are regulated by OFSTED. At the last inspection, in March 2019, the school was rated as good. Although not maintained by Shropshire Local Authority, Woodside Primary School maintains good relationships with the LA and buys in some of its services where these provide good value for the school. The trustee body of the school is responsible for the overall strategic management of the school, which it entrusts on a day to day basis to the headteacher, who is also a trustee by virtue of her role. Gordon Channon Chair of Trustees September 2021

Woodside School