Communication and Understanding

To continue to improve age related verbal communication skills and understanding through:

  • Age appropriately extending our children’s verbal confidence, spoken vocabulary and understanding of language
  • Expressing themselves creatively



To raise attainment and accelerate rates of progress in reading through a focus upon:

  • Responding to texts both verbally and in writing
  • Fluency, deduction and inference and the children’s ability to read with understanding at an age-appropriate pace
  • Developing enthusiastic, effective readers who have a love of reading
  • Using a range of decoding skills



To raise standards in writing across our school through a major emphasis upon:


  • Improving our children’s ability to apply their technical knowledge of written language to their everyday writing
  • Ensuring that by Year 6 all children have a knowledge and understanding of the 9 narrative types:
    • Happily ever after
    • In search of a goal
    • There and back again
    • Defeating the enemy
    • Achieving the impossible
    • Everyday life disrupted
    • Chaos to calm
    • Enlightenment
    • Misguided
  • Improving spelling
  • An improved awareness of the reader



To raise attainment and accelerate rates of progress in Maths through:

  • A continued major focus upon age appropriate calculation strategies
  • A major age-appropriate focus upon number sense including fractions and decimals
  • A major focus upon age-appropriate mental arithmetic strategies
Woodside School